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Polycarbonate Doors

Car washes & hostile environment

Car washes

The polycarbonate walls that are used instead of glass in all Sunshine Doors product bring many advantages. First it’s light weight. You get a door that requires lighter hardware and mullions, saving cost manufacturing the door. The polycarbonate wall is almost indestructible, and a Sunshine door is less than ⅓ the weight of dual pane glass, but the walls are 140 times stronger, which makes it an ideal product for large doors that are safe and secure. Furthermore, polycarbonate brings a factor of insulation to the walls that is welcome in winter.



In many agricultural applications, buildings are not heated. The Sunshine Door represent the door of choice because the walls are letting the sun rays heat the inside of the building. In many sunny days of winter, you can work on your equipment comfortably, enjoying a ton of natural light as added benefit.

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