Commercial & Industrial maintenance & repair services

Maintenance is defined as “Activities required or undertaken to conserve as nearly, and as long, as possible the original condition of an asset or resource while compensating for normal wear and tear”.

A commercial garage door could be defined as “A 500 lbs movable object hanging over your head”.

Failure of a commercial garage door can be a real horror story.

Over and above the potential injuries created by a falling overhead door, the perspective of managing your shipping or you service bay with one less opening towards the world has huge economic impact on your organisation.

At Car‑Wal we can help your peace of mind 3 ways.

Preventive maintenance program

Be safe and pro-active,

Preventive maintenance program tailored to your needs

SafeDoorPM logo

Adapt your program to the frequency of use for each door on your building.

With its commercial and industrial Car-Wal proposing to share the SafedoorPM software so you have a perfectly documented maintenance history.

If you are interested in lowering the overall repair cost of your overhead doors and you wish to have more details regarding this program unique only to our company, please call to inquire with one of our qualified expert staff.

Emergency or planned repair services

Get up-and-running as fast as possible

Emergency service available with experienced technicians and well stocked service trucks.

Car-Wal is there to help you solve your problems when it comes to Overhead Garage Doors, big or small. Get the best levels of service required by your tight schedule and your 24/7 operation. We are available to respond to your service requirements anytime.

Our service department will provide same day services to all types of commercial / industrial doors including:

  • Overhead warehouse doors
  • Parkade gates
  • Motor operators & motor controls
  • Glazed / full view aluminum doors
  • Sliding retail and counter grilles
  • Rolling grilles
  • Rolling fire doors
  • Dock levelling equipment

For service to get you off the hook fast, at a fair price, call us today.

Replace outdated and unsafe devices by new or used equipment

If you require an addition or if your equipment condition is beyond repair

Get a free quote for new or used equipment

At Car‑Wal we have strong relationship with the best vendors providing quality equipment to make your operation runs smoothly at the best cost.

We know were to find parts and equipment to allow you to improve on the ROI of your overhead door investments.

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