November 23, 2018

10 Ideas to Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

Home's curb appeal

Adding a little extra flair to your home’s front entrance is not only easy, but also a low‑cost way to spruce things up a bit without breaking the bank. You can make either big or small updates by simply adding paint, a little landscaping or repurposing what you have already. Whether you are wanting to sell your home, or just want a quick refresher, these 10 simple home projects will instantly boost your home’s curb appeal:

1. Painting Your Front Door

Painting your front door is the simplest way to boost the appearance of your home. A fresh coat of paint makes your home much more inviting and can save you a ton of money instead of replacing the entire door. The most popular colours to paint front doors are burgundy, red, navy blue, green or grey. It’s also recommended to use an oil based paint for added durability.

Step 1: Wipe down your door and wipe off any marks, stains and scuffs.

Step 2: Remove the hardware from your door. This is optional, but will make things much easier.

Step 3: Lightly sand the surface of your door and prime it.

Step 4: Tape off the areas you don’t want to get paint on like the hinges, trim, windows, etc.

Step 5: Start painting the panels, followed by the middle stripe, then horizontally between the top and bottom panels and then finish by painting the entire outside of the door. Let dry between coats and try using at least three coats of paint for a nice finish.

One your door has dried, complete your project by adding on the hardware and you can certainly top it off with a cute wreath for a brand new finished look.

2. Upgrade Your Porch Lights

The possibilities are endless when it comes to upgrading your porch lights. Find a lighting fixture that compliments the style of your home and decide what kind of illumination you would like to have. A few popular lighting choices are the industrial designs and farmhouse/rustic styles. Beyond just adding street appeal to your home, an outdoor light fixture also adds safety and security for the entry.

3. Update Your Garage Door

Updating your garage door is an investment that can really take your home to new heights. If your garage door is in good shape and doesn’t need a full repair, consider simply painting it, staining it or add a little hardware to the door. Adding inexpensive hardware can give your garage door a complete makeover and instantly add the flair you are looking for. If you feel that your garage is too small and needs to be enlarged, consult with a professional and determine the best garage options for you based on the number of cars and size of the cars you have.

4. Landscaping

Landscaping can seem like a difficult task and can be very time consuming; however, there are some DIY projects you can do that are feasible and ideal for a short‑term project. Here are a few ideas:

  • Build a retaining wall around the trees in your front yard. Adding a few bricks surrounding your trees will help make your home look more polished and inviting.
  • Define your walkway by pulling out any weeds, adding rocks or stepping stones and finish it off with a few lights if you want increased visibility at night.
  • Create a flowerbed along the front of your home. Often times, these are shaded areas which are breeding grounds for weeds, so adding a flower bed that extends the length of the front of your home will look beautiful and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

5. Porch Décor

Having a beautifully decorated porch is a gateway to your home and brings a sense of relaxation before even stepping inside. This is one of the first parts of the home your guests see, so get inspired and make a stunning first impression.

  • Potted plants are most likely the easiest way to add instant curb appeal. Plants are inviting, so choose colours fit for each season.
  • Feature a welcome sign. You don’t need to go over the top when decorating your porch. What better way to welcome your guests than with a sign that says welcome? Choose between a welcome wreath, a stand‑alone sign, or even vinyl lettering for the front siding of your home.
  • If you have a large enough porch, wicker seating is a phenomenal option for décor. Creating an outdoor living space provides a comfortable and relaxing environment and conversational area. Add a few pops of colour with pillows or rugs to make even more of a statement.
  • Hanging planters are also a great option for your porch. This is probably the easiest and most inexpensive little hack for sprucing up your porch since all you need is a hanging plant and nails.

When it comes to porch décor, don’t be afraid to switch it up during each season. For example: in the spring, add bright and colourful plants, in the fall add in some pumpkins and cornstalks, etc.

6. Give Your Mailbox a Makeover

A stand‑alone mailbox isn’t doing much for the front of your home. Give your mailbox a makeover by adding a little paint, a planter box, a DIY stone pillar, or simply upgrade the numbers to look larger so they are more attractive and appealing from a distance.

7. Add Shutters

Adding faux shutters to your windows is another great way to increase the value of your home (if you’re selling) or add instant style to the outside of your home. You can find hundreds of DIY tutorials for building your own shutters online, or you can simply purchase and install ones from the store. You can choose to stick with a stained wood shutter, or be bold with a colour that compliments the exterior of your home.

8. Tile the Entryway

Spice up your front entryway with tile. Go to a local hardware store and choose a tile you like and that fits your style and budget. Follow the steps below to complete this easy home project:

Step One: Sweep off your porch completely. Pressure wash it if you can and then lay out the tile where you would like it to be placed.

Step Two: Start from the top middle and start laying each tile one by one until you reach the sides. Continue the process until all of the tiles are down.

Step Three: Cut any excess tile and fill in the gaps where needed.

Step Four: Allow the tiles to set for about 24 hours and then add the grout, smooth and clean up the excess.

9. Cover Foundation

Often times, homes are left with exposed foundation. This isn’t a good look, but with a little effort, you can really spruce up the outside of your home with a few ready‑made panels from the hardware store or install a stone wall to reface the foundation.

10. Lawn Care

Every home owners dream is to have a lush green lawn, but it’s often difficult to maintain. Here are a few effective tips to keep your lawn looking beautiful and refreshing than ever before:

  • Water, fertilize and seed your grass when it first starts looking dull.
  • Always mow your grass before it gets too high to avoid a sunburnt lawn.
  • Find an effective weed control solution and use it as often as necessary.
  • Use edgings in your lawn to give it a sheer finish.
  • Water your lawn in the mornings and let it dry up before watering again.

You will be surprised at how these 10 simple home projects can truly boost your curb appeal. These are simple ideas that just about anyone can do that are affordable and creative. Don’t be afraid to browse the internet for specific design ideas and inspirations for the ideas listed above. Your front yard is your welcome sign, show it off with pride.

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