September 9, 2016

5 Easy Steps to Reclaim Your Garage

5 Easy Steps to Reclaim Your Garage

Take control of your garage space!

Have you found yourself standing in your garage, overwhelmed by the mess? Is your garage full of things you no longer use – things you haven’t looked at in years?

Year after year, as the weather gets colder, we start thinking of parking our cars in our garages. But what if there’s no room? By reading our five easy steps, you can learn how to reclaim your garage. Discover how to transform your garage to meet your needs.

STEP #1: Time to Clean‑Up!

On a nice day, empty your garage and sort the following items outside:

  • Items to be thrown away
  • Items to be recycled
  • Items that can be donated to your favorite charities
  • Items that can be sold at a yard sale
  • Items you wish to keep and use on a regular basis

Without a doubt, this first step is a lot of work. However, it is an important step to reclaiming your garage.

STEP #2: Insulate and Finish Your Garage

Now that your garage is empty, it’s time to decide if you want to add any insulation or drywall. Your garage could become a great spot for a workshop or even a playroom for kids. To insulate a single garage, including vapor barrier and drywall, budget about $1300. If you hire a contractor, expect to spend about twice that amount.

Next, choose an interior finish. Most garages are clad in drywall, and then painted. Occasionally, PVC exterior siding is installed vertically along the bottom four or five feet of each wall to protect from splashes. Choose the finish that makes the most sense for your lifestyle.

STEP #3: Make a Floor Plan

Measure your garage and draw it out on a piece of graph paper. Add any fixtures, outlets, appliances, electrical panels, cabinets and workbenches. Draw them to scale in the proper location. If you prefer working on a computer, you can create your floorplan using a design software program.

Don’t forget the measurements on both sides of your garage door. You may be able to add wood or metal shelving to this potentially wasted wall space.

Also note the extra wall space above your garage door. If you have a 7 foot high door in a garage height of 10 feet, you can use this extra space for storage. You will need to measure the space between the tracks, as well as the space used by the automatic opener.

Once you have your basic floor plan, decide where you would like to place each new item. Your design could include:

  • a workbench
  • a freezer or refrigerator
  • tools
  • sports equipment
  • etc.

While you are designing your space, note if you need to add any electrical outlets. Decide on lighting, particularly if you plan to use your garage regularly. Finally, determine if your garage floor will need a new coat of paint. If your floor is bare concrete, Don’t forget to apply a coat of primer first.

STEP #4: List Your Priorities

Once you are happy with your floor plan, make a list of your priorities. Keep in mind your budget – you can always carry out your plan in two or three stages if your budget is too tight.

There may be some jobs you cannot complete yourself, like adding new electrical outlets or lighting, for example. An electrician can provide a quote for the work to be done.

List the building materials you will need. Building wood shelves will undoubtedly be the most economical option. If you would rather use metal shelving and plastic bins, there are many choices on the market, at a variety of price levels. That also applies to the flooring options, wall finishes and accessories. If your wallet is big enough, you could easily spend upwards of $15,000.

If you’re hunting for DIY designs, try googling "garage storage organization ideas", then choose "images". A quick search will give you access to dozens of pictures.

STEP #5: Choose Your Garage Door and Door Opener

If you decide to take on a garage renovation, don’t leave out the garage door and door opener – particularly if you plan to use your garage often. Opt for a weatherproof, insulated garage door. There are countless options. A good quality door will make your garage more comfortable. You can then enjoy many hours working on your favorite hobby or DIY project.

Request a service call online today! Our garage door experts will guide you through the many possible options, keeping in mind your home’s architectural style, your taste and your budget requirements. You can also call us at:

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