Choosing a garage door should be done carefully since it is a major household investment

Garage doors can enhance or detract from the outside appearance of your home. Garage doors come in a variety of materials ranging from wood to fibreglass. Choosing a garage door should be done carefully since it is a major household investment. Things to consider should be colour, material, design, budget and inclusion of windows to add decorative appeal to your home. Of course, garage door installation requires the assistance of a skilled installer for safety as well as correct installation.

First think about the overall style of your home. Drive around for aesthetic ideas and of course check out your neighbour’s homes to see some examples.

Do you use your garage door as a main entry point into your house? If so, insulation is an important consideration to keep your heating bills down.

Do you often access the garage from inside your home for supplies? Consider security, windows look nice but might give a passerby more access than you would like.

Think about how much time or money you have to maintain your garage door. Wood doors generally require staining and sealing every three to four years as well as regular gentle cleaning to preserve the wood. Steel, fibreglass or metal doors just need a quick wash with a soapy scrub brush and garden hose to keep the door looking sharp. Of course all garage doors require regular yearly maintenance to lubricate tracks and springs to encourage gentle wear and tear on these mechanisms.

Consider which material is best for your home and family. Metal and steel doors will dent and show imperfections if hit with tree branches and balls and will also scratch if sharp objects are dragged across the surface. Choose lasting materials to fit your situation. A wood garage door is a nice accent but it can be damaged easily without proper care.

And of course the most important consideration is your budget. Car‑Wal Garage Doors carries a garage door to fit every budget along with many different styles and colours.

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