Five Excellent Reasons to Leave Garage Door Repairs to the Professionals…


It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a home renovation or building your home, there are likely to be some things you can do entirely on your own. The technical jobs are best left to be completed by an experienced professional. Let them do what they are trained to do instead of taking it on yourself.

There are multiple reasons that this applies to your garage door system, and we want to share five of them. This will help you better understand why this type of repair should only be attempted by an expert.

Consider the Safety Factor

The truth is that with wooden garage doors, the door can be extremely heavy depending on the type of other materials used and when it was manufactured. With double garage doors, there is going to be even more weight. If you haven’t properly maintained the door, that can add on to the weight as well.

It’s important to be aware and remember that the largest moving part in your entire home is the garage door. There are hundreds of people every year who attempt a repair on their own and end up severely injured. A problem with the lifting cables or a broken spring can lead to the entire door coming down. That’s extremely dangerous. To put it into perspective, a single door that is made with a steel exterior can weight anywhere from 130 to 175 lbs. (60 to 80 kilos). If the door you are repairing is a double door, that weight can be double at 260 to 350 lbs. (100 to 160 kilos). This is not the place to try learning something new. As soon as a garage door specialist reaches your home, they will look at the garage door system. At that point, they will recognize any problems and understand what might go wrong moving forward.

Having Experience Matters

If you are planning your own repairs, do you understand exactly how your garage door system works? This includes understanding how each hardware component works with others and how the counterweight system is important for allowing you to lift your garage door with ease. You likely do not, which can lead to problems. We suggest that you call a professional rather than taking out your tools to try a repair on your own.

The professional garage door technician who visits your home for a repair has trained out in the field. The expert knows the tricks and tips that make repair and installation possible even when in adverse conditions or location. Having this experience gives your technician a leg up on correctly balancing your garage door, ensuring it is weathertight, and being able to eliminate friction between garage door parts which can lead to issues in the future.

Save Yourself from Hassle

If you choose to attempt to repair your own garage door system, a lot of things can go wrong. You could improperly do the repair or be unable to complete it, which can lead to the problem coming back or even worsening. This is especially true when it comes to an electric garage door opener.

On the other hand, professionals who have an excellent reputation and experience in garage door repair can provide you with a guarantee. This means any work they do and parts they provide are guaranteed for a certain length of time, often one year. The reason they are open to doing this is because they committed to doing a careful and precise job that meets your requirements. An expert understands that the work needs to be done well and does it right each time.

Don’t Waste Time or Money

When you choose an established business that is well‑known in your area, you also know that when you speak with them, they are going to be knowledgeable and explain exactly what is happening. This isn’t something you can learn yourself in a few hours. By hiring an experienced technician, you can spend time on more important things in your life. An expert is going to be aware of a problem more easily and able to fix it more quickly than you would on your own. The only thing they are there for is to ensure the long‑term operation of your garage door.

Now that you understand how you save time, let’s talk about how you save money. You might think repairing your garage door opener or garage door on your own would be less expensive, but this isn’t always the case. This is especially true if you attempt a repair and it doesn’t work, which may lead to voiding the manufacturer’s warranty and leave you picking up the bill.

Your garage door professionals will also have the proper insurance to protect your property and guard against liability if anyone is injured during the repair.

Accident Responsibility

You should also consider who is responsible if a repair is done incorrectly. If you do the repair yourself, you’re going to be liable for the situation. If your door expert does it, they are liable. There’s no reason to put yourself in a situation where you cause an accident due to lack of training or experience. Instead, have a qualified technician handle any of your garage door system needs.

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