June 12, 2020

Garage to game room: Your guide to reinventing this underused room of the home

We get it. Families grow and change. You have new needs and requirements. That often means old spaces must be transitioned into something new. For instance, that basement where your pool table is might have to grow into something else, like living space. However, that doesn’t mean you’re out of options or that you need to sell your pool table on a want ad website. There’s hope. With a little time, planning, and forethought, you can turn your garage into an amazing game room.

Game Room

Why the garage, though?

Why should you remake the garage into a game room? Think about it. It’s actually one of the most versatile spaces in the home, but chances are good you don’t really use it for much beyond storage right now. Plus, because it’s already built, insulated, and fitted out, your work will be minimal, particularly in comparison to having a room added to your home. With all that being said, you need to follow some specific steps to get the most out of your garage conversion.

Your plan for success

In order to really get the best game room out of that garage space, you need to follow a plan. Below, we’ll outline each step for you.

Get rid of the cars: Your first step is going to be finding a new home for your cars if you’re one of the few homeowners who actually park in the garage. You might need to park in the driveway, or you could have a new parking area paved. It’s also possible to install a mobile carport over the area so that your cars are sheltered from the elements. The sky’s the limit here, so go nuts. However, make sure you check with your HOA and city to ensure that you’re allowed to make these modifications.

Measure: The amount of space you have available for your game room will be determined by two things. First, the size of your garage sets physical limits. Second, the amount of stuff in your garage will also play a role. Determine what items you’re going to keep and which ones you’re going to get rid of. Get an estimate of how much space the items you’ll keep will take up, and then record it. You also need to account for things that cannot be moved. Think water pipes, your garage door opener, the furnace, air conditioner, and other things that often take up space in the garage. Account for the space over the garage door, too.

Game Room

Outline on paper: Having a visual image of your game room space can help you plan more effectively. Grab a piece of paper and sketch out the room’s layout. Where will each game go? What about seating? Tables? A bar? Will you need storage? Plan everything out on paper and then play with the layout so that you can get the best mixture of space and usability. It’s also worth including your other family members, as everyone may have something of value to bring to the table.

Upgrades: Take this as your chance to make some needed upgrades to your garage space. This can include almost anything. Do you want to install larger windows? A fresh coat of paint throughout the interior is always a good idea. You should also consider things like the atmosphere that you’re trying to create – do you want an intimate, low‑key environment? Use a light color on the walls and a darker color on the ceiling. Do you want to redo your garage floor now? Epoxy is great, but you can also find a wide range of floor coverings, too.

Your renovations should encompass more than upgrades. Take the time to check your outlets. Where are they? What kind of condition are they in? Do you need more installed? Do you perhaps need a 220‑volt setup added? Do you have easy access to outlets for all of the electronic devices that you plan to include? What about plumbing? If you’re installing a bar, sink, or bathroom, you’ll need to consider it.

Removing junk

Now it’s time to start moving things out of your space. Remember those items we talked about that you weren’t going to keep? Sell or donate them. Items that you’ll be keeping should be stored away. Make sure that you:

  • Put all items in plastic tubs, not cardboard boxes.
  • Put all tubs on shelves, including ceiling‑mounted systems if necessary.
  • Use cabinets for items that can’t fit on shelves so they are out of the way and protected.

Get comfortable

Make a plan for seating and comfort. Will you need a sofa? What about a recliner or two? You probably could use a table and chairs for meals. However, why not go big and install that custom bar that you’ve been dreaming about for years now? What good is a game room if the space is so uncomfortable that you don’t want to spend time in it?

Plan your games

Now it’s time to think about the games that you’re going to add to your space. Yes, a pool table is essential, but don’t neglect your other options. Some choices include:

  • A ping‑pong table
  • A foosball table
  • Darts and a dartboard
  • Stand‑up arcade games
  • A pinball machine
  • An air hockey table
  • A putting area

These are just a few of your options. It’s your space. Go crazy!

Game Room

Plan for your garage door

The garage door is the fourth wall of your game room. It needs to be insulated and weathertight. If the door is old, not insulated well, or not weathertight, your game room is going to quickly get uncomfortable.

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