November 30, 2018

Keep Your Home Garage Safe from Break-Ins

Prevent break-ins

In the United States, there is a residential burglary once every 18 seconds. In Canada, there is one every 90 seconds. In many cases, these home burglaries happen during the day. It might be surprising but it’s true.

The garage door is a favorite entry point for would‑be burglars. It also often houses valuable items like mountain bikes, motorcycles, and quads. The truth is that in most cases these break‑ins wouldn’t happen without negligence. If you’ve ever forgotten to lock your vehicle’s doors when you run errands.

Many thieves are sneaky and might spend time going around parking lots to find cars with doors unlocked. If a vehicle is left unlocked, the thief might snap your remote garage door opener if it’s just hanging from your sun visor. Your registration is probably in the glove box, so now this person has your address. That’s all it takes. They can now get in your home anytime they like.

You might think this would never happen to you and that might be true. However, we have some tips so you can ensure your home is safe.

1) Before we move on, are you aware of how old your garage door opener actually is?

  • If you have no idea, that’s okay. You can find the answer on the label located on the motor housing. In most cases, you’ll find it by lifting the plastic cover which stays in place to protect the lightbulb.
  • Did you find the date is before 1993? If so, it may be the right time to consider replacing your electric garage door opener to keep safe.
  • Before this time, the signal was coded with dip switches. This made it extremely easy for a thief to scan what your code is and show up later to break‑in.

2) Avoid placing your remote in view inside your vehicle

  • It’s best to avoid clipping your remote to the sun visor.
  • Instead, put it somewhere a thief would not look. You could also bring it along with you.
  • Another option is to utilize a mini remote control (375UT) which could be clipped onto your keyring. If you choose this option and you leave the keyring in your coat or pants, be sure nobody leans or sits on it because it could open the garage door easily. It’s better to hook your keys on the wall or leave them on a table as a habit.
  • Ever since mid‑2017, it is also an option to use your garage door from your smartphone with the Chamberlain /LifMaster’s MyQ technology.
Mini remote control

3) Are you going on a trip for an extended amount of time?

  • The best option in terms of safety is to disconnect the motor from your electrical outlet. This will make any would‑be thief unable to use a remote or the keypad outside to get in.
  • You can also press on the lock button which is located near the access door to your home on a control panel. Be sure you press hard and see the light blink, which means it has been engaged.
  • Another option is adding on a side lock which is installed inside the door. It engaged in the vertical rail with a steel rod. You could choose to use a padlock on this side lock. Be certain that you unlock this after returning home and before using your garage door and remote.
  • The last option involves a new automatic lock (841LM) from LiftMaster. You can activate it using your phone. However, this does mean the opener will need to be on your Wi‑Fi network.
Automatic lock - 841LM

4) Does your garage door include top section windows?

  • Windows can be useful, but it also allows burglars to see what is inside your garage without much trouble.
  • If this person is carrying around a metal clothes hanger, it’s simple to pop the manual release latch which is located on the door opener track.
  • Consider adding a coating of reflective or opaque privacy film if your windows are clear. You could also cover the windows with a curtain.
  • If you decide you want to change your garage door in the near future, think about adding windows that offer tinted or frosted glass.

5) Acquire a garage door that is more rigid

  • If your door is non‑insulated or includes a single panel of polystyrene insulation, this applies to you the most.
  • Choose a door that has both sides covered in steel sheets. This is called a sandwich‑style door. This is made to be strong and durable and can be hit with an electric saw or steel bar without breaking. If you also choose a garage door with 1 ¾‑inch (45 mm) polyurethane, that’s even better.

6) Extra tips to keep you and your family protected

  • Make sure you close your garage door for the night every night. The police often suggest you check all your doors at around 9 pm to be sure they are locked. If you like, you can also use a monitor (829M) which will let you know the garage door is closed. You can also see from your smartphone if you have LiftMaster’s MyQ.
  • It’s also a good idea to add exterior lighting around your home and garage. You can also install motion detectors with them for extra security.
  • Consider hooking up a security camera to your Wi‑Fi system to add another layer of protection.
  • You can also connect a security alarm system to your garage door system.
  • A simple and inexpensive option is to leave on a stereo in your garage at all times. If you turn on the radio, it will sound as if something is in there at all times.
Security camera

    If you are interested in the best security for your home and garage…

    We would recommend that you contact us. We have a vast knowledge of garage doors and can advise you on the best choice to make according to your requirements. We can increase your security without making your budget increase. If you are interested, we can easily send you a quotation by email.

    Another option is to come and meet us at our showroom. If changing your garage door is in the plans, a useful tool is to try out our Design Centre that can help you choose the style of door that suits you best. Need inspiration? Then peruse our image gallery for lots of examples.

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