Understanding Garage Door Noises

Understanding Garage Door Noises

Have you noticed a few little strange sounds coming from your garage door? Perhaps you noticed them a while ago, but you never really thought it was much of a problem. Everything seemed to be working normally when you open and close the door with your remote, so you tried to put those strange sounds out of your mind.

However, you know that you should take care of it. After all, you do not want your garage door to stop working suddenly. You also don’t want your car to be stuck in the garage, or out of the garage for that matter. There is also the possibility that the noises could be letting you know of a more serious and possibly dangerous problem.

Of course, trying to explain all those noises is not an easy feat, especially if you are trying to do it over the phone. You need to get a better idea of what those noises could mean so you can explain them better.

Booms, Clunks, and Thumps… What Do They Mean?

When you are opening or closing the garage door, do you hear a clunking or a thumping sound? If you have an electric garage door opener, it could mean that your door is having issues while lifting or lowering the garage door. It could be because one of the torsion springs (installed over the door of your double door) is busted. If that’s the case, this will need to be replaced. One might break, but it tends to be rare for both torsion springs to go at the same time. Look at the garage door springs to see if one is broken in two. If this is the problem, get in touch with a garage door specialist to have them replaced as soon as possible.

Booms, Clunks, and Thumps… What Do They Mean?

A Clinking Sound… What Does This Mean?

Maybe you don’t have thumps and booms. Maybe you have noticed a clinking sound instead. If you hear this sound continuously as the door is raised or lowered, it could be due to the springs rubbing against each other. Springs tend to become rusty over time, as garages are often cool and humid. When they are dry and rubbing together, it can create this type of sound.

In addition, it could happen when rollers have a problem and are ready to fall off.

The Dreaded Squeaking Sound… What Does This Mean?

If you hear a sharp squeaking sound when the door opens and closes, it might be because there is not enough lubrication on the exterior frame weatherstripping and the weatherstripping between the garage door sections. The PVC of these parts will dry out zover time, and this can cause them to stick together. This is what is likely causing the sound you hear.

The Grinding Sound… What Does This Mean?

If you hear a grinding sound that is constant, and that has a metallic ring to it, it is often related to the chain or belt of the electric garage door opener. It might seem as if the opener is using too much force without need and the gear pinions are skipping a link. In this case, the belt or the chain could be too loose, and that means you need to have an adjustment made to them by a professional.

How Serious Are the Problems?

You are probably wondering whether you need to have these problems fixed right away or if you can wait. It often depends. If you have a broken spring, you would need to have it repaired right away. If you have rubbing weatherstripping, the problem is not quite as serious, and you can wait a little while before having it repaired. If you need to have repairs done on the door, make sure you have the professionals take care of things for you. Trying to replace a spring is difficult and it could be dangerous.

In some cases, you can eliminated the noise by lubricating specific parts of your garage door. For the metal parts apply a small amount of petroleum‑based oil to the rollers, hinges and springs. For the PVC parts apply a silicone‑based lubricant to the weatherstripping at the bottom, between the sections, and around the exterior frame.

If you have not had an inspection or adjustment to the door in a long time, you should get in contact with a professional.

Getting a Proper Tune‑Up

It is a good idea to have a tune‑up for the garage every 18 months if your door is more than five years old. We are experts in the field and can guarantee our work. We have residential maintenance that includes a 26‑point checklist, lubrication, and adjustments to the major components. We can send you a quotation by email if you wish.

Contact us at:

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Getting a Proper Tune-Up

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