November 27, 2015

Use This Tip and Never Clean Your Garage Again

Use This Tip and Never Clean Your Garage Again

Would you rather go to the dentist than clean out your garage? You’re not alone.

Many Canadians feel exactly the same way. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. Cleaning out your garage isn’t a fun activity. Why spend the day indoors, in a room with poor lighting and ventilation, when you could be outside (even if it’s the winter)?

What if we told you that you only had to do one thing, and your garage would stay neat forever? It’s true. Read on to learn how getting your garage organized will keep it tidy and clutter‑free for as long as you live in your home.

What Does Organizing Your Garage Involve?

Are you wondering how long it will take to organize your garage? Depending on how messy it is, devote at least one day to it. And don’t feel shy about asking family and friends – just buy them pizza or order food and drinks for them.

Secondly, sort out everything (and we do mean everything) in your garage. If you haven’t used it in at least a year, get rid of it. Bear in mind that some items will have to be disposed of specially, such as expired household cleaning solutions.

The third step is to create a floor plan of your garage. Note where the doors and garbage receptacles are, so that you can avoid storing things in those areas.

You might also need to go on a shopping trip. Clear, stackable plastic containers with lids are very useful for storing things. You can see through them, you can pile them atop one another and the lids keep out dirt and bugs. Hooks, a pegboard, and open shelving units are all good buys, too. Hooks and pegboards are an inexpensive way to hang lightweight items, while open shelving units keep things tidy and visible.

Even household items you already own can be repurposed to keep your garage free of clutter. Empty, clean glass jars make a perfect place to store screws, nails and other small tools.

Why Does This Method Work?

At this point, you’re probably scratching your head and saying, "How is cleaning out my garage once going to keep it clean forever? Isn’t it just going to get messy again?"

Your garage doesn’t have to be the Bermuda Triangle, where things go to disappear, never to be found again. The method outlined above is an organizational plan. Once you’ve got a plan, all you have to do is stick with it. That means that you simply have to continue to keep things in their place. Did you take out the weed whacker? Put it back where it belongs.

There are three things you should keep in mind when you’re implementing your organizational plan. First of all, you should group similar items together. For example, all of your gardening tools and related items should be stored in the same place so you can find them easily. Secondly, put large items, like your lawn mower, out of the way of your car. It will make it easier to maneuver. The third thing is to store as little on the floor as possible. Storing things on your floor is a way to create a mess.

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Garage

Aside from the obvious perk of having a tidy, organized garage, your rearrangement campaign has other, less obvious advantages.

For a start, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment at making your garage neater. And who doesn’t feel good about checking off something on their to do list?

A second benefit is that cleaning up your garage forces you to take a good, hard look at the state of one of the most neglected rooms in the house. You don’t think about maintaining your garage much, because you don’t spend very much time in it. Also, it’s not as though you host company in there.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t components of your garage that need your attention. One of them is your garage door. When is the last time you checked that it’s functioning properly? More importantly, when was it installed? If the answer to that question is, "I think it was before 1991," then it’s time to get a new one. Garage doors manufactured after 1991 have an automatic reverse system, which means that sensors in the garage door detect when something or someone is in its path, and it opens automatically. You don’t want someone to get hurt because of your garage door.

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