May 5, 2015

Winterizing Your Garage Door

Winter is a difficult season in the North, the wear and tear on our cars, homes and even ourselves can be costly. The best way to lessen the effects of the harsh weather is to be prepared. We can buy winter tires for our cars, we buy warmer clothes for ourselve, sturdy boots, salt for the roads and so on, but do you know how to prepare your garage door? A garage door has moving parts that are affected by the cold, and the finishes of the various types of garage doors can be damaged by the wet snow, the freezing temperatures and the expanding and contracting that is caused by the quick temperature changes that will occur.

Since many garages are extensions of our homes and are used as storage and even work spaces, having a well insulated garage and garage door is advisable. Even if your garage is used mostly for the car and storage, having some insulation will save money on your heating costs during the harsh windy winters.

Weatherstripping is important, not only the type but the installation, if weatherstripping is not installed properly wind, water and even snow can still get into the garage. Not only is this bad for the interior temperature, it will also attribute to damage to your concrete floor, interior garage doors and more.

If you have an older uninsulated garage door and it is not yet time to purchase a new one, there are ways to insulate the garage door yourself.

For the home that wants to use their garage as a work space year around, a heat source will be needed. Check out this article in Popular Mechanics for more information on protecting your garage door from winter.

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